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Dr. Wilfredo Eddy Bravo

Dr. Wilfredo Eddy Bravo with 17 years of experience graduated in 2004 from Universidad Central Del Este in Dominican Republic earning Summa Cum Laude Degree in General Medicine. He obtains his Postgraduate Specialty in Internal Medicine from the American Board of Medicine at the Dr. Ramón Arnau University Hospital in Puerto Rico.  

He gains professional experience as a Physician at Ambert Medical Care Center in Internal Medicine including Endocrinology, Geriatric care, and supervision of other Physicians. He was a Medical Researcher at Palm Springs Research Institute, principal Physician at Clinical Research of Miami, Chief of Internal Medicine and Medical Director of the AHC Center and Professional Rehabilitation Center as well as Member of the Board of Directors.  

At the present time he is the Medical Director at Bienestar Medical Centers where he is loved and respected by patients for his care and professionalism.

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