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Mario met his wife Yudanis at a very young age while working together and have done so throughout the past 15 years. Their commitment to the wellbeing of the community is what drives and motivates them to improve the healthcare of their members. Their strong bond as a family carries through at Bienestar to both Members and Employees. They are the proud parents of Mario Ruben Mendez Jr.

Mario Méndez

Mario Méndez, a visionary in the field of Health Care, was born in Miami and completed his studies from Belen Jesuit Preparatory. At an early age he made a difference in the lives of the elderly due to his humanitarian character, kindness, and concern to help others. Mr. Méndez founded Sunsouth Health Centers and managed the opening of five additional medical centers in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. He then when on and founded Bienestar Medical Centers with his wife, a full service medical and wellness facility with the focus to improve the quality of life for seniors and by giving them the human value, service, and care that they need. He is well loved and respected by all his members and employees.

Yudanis Méndez

Yudanis Méndez, was born in Venezuela, from a young age she came to the United States (Miami) dedicating her life to training as a professional. She developed her knowledge in the marketing and customer service industry.  Currently serves as Co-Founder of Bienestar Medical Centers and Director of Marketing focusing on growth, retention, customer service and well-being of members and employees. Mrs. Méndez is a charismatic, human person and is always open to continue improving herself professionally and personally.

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